COVD-19 Update from the Ideal Move Team

As we all know, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has presented us all with a difficult situation leading to social distancing, stay at home mandates, and a need for great caution. We are looking forward to a return to normalcy, but in the meantime we are taking steps to be able to partner with you during this difficult time and address your needs. 

If we can serve you while ensuring your safety and that or our staff, we are available to help! The health and safety of our clients, partners, and our employees is paramount. If our employees attend a home they are required to wear masks and gloves and keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from other people. If our employees are experiencing any symptoms of illness or have been in contact with those who have, they are instructed to stay home. Finally our employees also have the choice of staying home for their safety if they choose. If we can serve you safely, we are here for you.

If you have some flexibility with your schedule we suggest we plan for a time when we expect things to be back to normal.

If you need immediate help but it may not be a safe environment, we are happy to look at our options and where possible help you remotely.

Ideal Move is here to partner with our community during this difficult time. Please contact us with questions, concerns, or suggestions on how we can best meet your needs during this challenging time.  

Warm regards,
The Ideal Move Team

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