COVID-19 Sanitation & Cleaning Services

At Ideal Move, we continue to offer our traditional high level of service with precautions to protect our clients and our staff from Coronavirus 19. These precautions include social distancing, wearing of masks, repeated hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, and daily monitoring of staff. We always follow the highest level of precaution, whether it’s ours, a community’s, or a client request.

In addition to the standard precautions we have in place we have added a few optional features for extra protection during this pandemic.

Sanitation and Disinfection

We can now offer a professional sanitation and disinfection service that will clean your new home after our work is complete and before you walk into new home. You can have total peace of mind that your home is absolutely clean of viruses that could have been left by anyone working in and around your home.

The cost of this service is $350.

Zero-Contact Service Delivery

We understand some clients want to take absolutely no chances, and we believe we can achieve that. We have developed a way to serve our clients without ever meeting in person by using different means of communication and planning. We then finish the project with our professional sanitation and disinfection service. This requires the client have the ability to use technology and have a place to stay while we do our work in both homes.

The cost of this service is $550 in addition to our standard services.

Prices as of 7/3/2020

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