Choosing the best movers with My Ideal Move

Choosing the Best Movers for Your Situation

Senior Move Management companies like Ideal Move are often incorrectly perceived as movers. While there are some that offer both services, most senior move management companies are not moving companies and do not own trucks. Move management and moving are different services that require very different skills. One is more caring, careful, and detailed, while the other is more strength and driving big trucks. However, with the nature of their business, good senior move managers are very knowledgeable of the moving industry.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of people that don’t do enough research when choosing movers, or they focus on the wrong things – we see many people that just go with the lowest offer.

Choosing the Best Movers with My Ideal Move

Hiring a good mover is a very important decision. A good mover will give you an honest and accurate estimate, they will show up on time on the agreed date, they will provide the right protection for your belongings, they will handle everything with care, and if there are any problems they will provide a solution.

A bad mover may knowingly give you a low estimate, they may not even show up when you need them, they might damage your belongings, and if anything goes wrong they will fall back on fine print.  Moving as a senior can be stressful enough without the experience of a bad mover added to it. 

Choosing the Best Movers is More Than Just Cost

Focusing just on cost is not what we recommend, because the cost information may not even be true, and if they don’t show up it will get very expensive. The focus should be less on cost (within reason) and more on choosing the best the movers that will be reliable, honest, and that will provide the service you need for such an important event in your life.

When evaluating movers you need to consider how long they have been in business, how they hire their employees, how they insure your contents, and you should look for reviews on their service. If one mover’s quote is significantly lower than others, it may be a sign of inexperience or dishonesty. The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals has a very helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions on their website.

A benefit to working with a senior move management company like Ideal Move is that we know local movers well and we can help make choosing the best movers for your situation much easier. We will recommend a mover because we have experienced their service and we have a relationship with them. If you are moving in the Northeast Florida area, please consider hiring Ideal Move to have the best moving experience you’ve ever had. Ideal Move can be reached at 904-826-7055 or you can contact us here

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