Downsizing and planning

The Value of Space Planning – The world of downsizing and senior move management

In the world of downsizing and senior move management, space planning is a vital step in the process. Space planning is the process by which you create a floorplan of your new/future home showing where each piece of furniture goes. Space planning saves the client money in multiple ways, it answers a lot of questions, it diminishes the fear of the unknown in a transition, and it’s an essential part of the downsizing process.

Space planning helps you understand what will fit in your home, and what will not. For most people it’s very difficult to visualize how much of your current furniture will fit into your new home, and how you can lay it out so that it’s functional, looks good, and is safe. When you have a scaled floor plan and you start placing furniture, it becomes obvious when your new home is full. If there is a piece you really want to take, you can choose what to take out and what to put in its place. Most people want to take more than fits and many end up doing just that.

Part of the hesitation of downsizing is the fear of the unknown. Having an idea of what your home will look like, with your belongings laid out in a space plan, lowers that fear significantly and can actually get you excited about your new home.

Space planning reduces costs. When people take more than will fit into their home, they pay the mover to transport and unload those items, then they pay the movers to test out different possible locations for each item, and ultimately pay the mover load and transport that item somewhere else. This also eats up time for anyone helping you with the move. Finally, it adds a lot of stress to the process.

Ideal Move space planners have a good sense of space, interior design experience, and knowledge of safe space standards for seniors. Ideal Move space planners measure all the furniture, measure your new home, and create a scaled professional CAD design of your new home. This is a foundation piece of planning a great move.

If Ideal Move can help you when you downsize, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits the space planning process offers. Ideal Move can be reached at 904-826-7055 or

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