Professional Downsizers can help with lifechanging moves

Downsizing With a Professional

Downsizing is the right thing to do at the right time and circumstances, and it has many benefits, but the process can be difficult and overwhelming. Many people find that they don’t know where to start or that they just can’t let go of too many things. Getting help from the right person can be a life saver when you are downsizing. 

When downsizing its important to understand the differences between self-help, help from friends and family, and help from a trained and experienced downsizing and professional organizer.  

People without training and experience in downsizing can make the process a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Some people start the process in multiple rooms, leaving each room unfinished and in disarray for a long time. Other people remove everything, only to put most of it back, getting very little done in a very long time. Some get friends or family to help them along, and they end up resentful about how others treat their treasured memories and belongings. These approaches can cause a lot of stress and unnecessary resistance to downsizing. 

Downsizing professionals have experience to help

On the other hand, a downsizing and professional organizer should have several qualities and skills that can turn this overwhelming task into a positive and encouraging activity. A well-trained professional will take an approach focused on your spatial AND emotional needs. They understand that the meaning of each item is unique to you, and that keeping the memories associated with your items is very important in the downsizing process. They combine logical and emotional ideas to help you make decisions you will not regret later. They have techniques that make the process efficient and effective, while avoiding traps that many amateurs fall for. They have solutions to challenges presented by important memories that take up space you may not have.  

With the training and experience in helping many people through the downsizing process, a professional home organizer can help you accomplish a lot more and in a way that leaves you happy with your decisions and allows you to save space while keeping the memories that come with your belongings. 

Of course a professional downsizing organizer will not be inexpensive, but the value of their training, experience, and long-term impact on your satisfaction is well worth it. 

If you or a loved one is downsizing, we encourage you to consider Ideal Move’s professional home organizers to help you through the process. As a Senior Move Management company our team is trained and experienced in helping many adults through this process, and the company has many resources that can be made available to you. You can reach Ideal Move at 904-826-7055 or

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