Downsizing your home

Downsizing Your Home Can Be A Challenge

Throughout life, people move for many reasons, whether its for a new job, because the family is growing, or because they are able to improve and increase their space. A lot of these moves are to an equal or larger home. But later in life downsizing your home to a smaller one can make sense. You may not need two stories, you may have extra guests rooms, or you don’t want to deal with your yard, etc.  

It’s the right move for a lot of people. About 51 percent of all seniors decide to downsize their home after retirement. But the challenge is you can’t fit everything you have accumulated over 30 years into a smaller home. Choosing what to take can be quite difficult and overwhelming. People might offer to help you, but if they don’t have the right training they could do more harm than good. 

But the downsizing process can be handled in a positive, sometimes even fun, matter that finds the balance between attachment and space constraints. 

The Right Approach To Downsizing Your Home Is Key

There are many people that proclaim themselves to be good at downsizing and organizing, without really having any training or experience. There is a lot more to downsizing than just going through a home and sorting items into “keep” and “discard” piles. The wrong approach can make seniors feel that they have lost a lot and that their feelings and memories were dismissed, leaving them bitter and unhappy with their decision to downsize. 

A well-trained downsizing professional understands that a simple item may carry significant weight in meaning and important memories, and that each individual has different priorities.     

The downsizing experts at Ideal Move follow a process that encourages progress, provides guidelines for easier decision making, and has an unwavering focus on what is important to the client. Ultimately, our downsizing professionals leave our clients encouraged about their move and set them up to have a successful transition into their new life and home. Schedule a consultation to find out how we can help make your transition smooth and easy.

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