Interview with senior in transition

Interview with Anita T. of Jacksonville, FL

Anita has lived in Jacksonville, FL for close to 30 years. Anita hired Ideal Move to help her transition to an Independent Living community in Atlantic Beach, FL. We helped her with packing her prior home, finding and arranging movers for her, overseeing the move, and unpacking and setting up her new home. Anita is full of life and positivity, so we interviewed her recently to learn her thoughts on transitioning to independent living

Anita, how long have you been in your current Independent Living apartment?

I’ve been here 20 months.

How long did you live in your previous home?

My husband and I lived there 28 years.

Wow, 28 years! What have you liked most about your new home?

I love that I have met interesting people, there is a variety of activities here, the cuisine is delicious, and I have covered parking. In this particular community there is more open space than other communities in the area. But the most important thing is that here I don’t have the responsibility of a private home.

What led you to decide to move to an independent living community?

My husband passed away and we had already talked about moving here. So when he passed it was time to move forward. My husband was 15 years older than me and he wanted me to be comfortable after he passed. I chose this community because I wanted a totally new life and I like the area. Here I feel like I have a new lease on life.

How have you stayed in such good mental and physical shape?

Discipline in food, exercising, and taking care of myself physically and mentally.

What advice would you give younger people?

Enjoy life. Be honest.

Family is important. Not just your children and your grandchildren, but your entire extended family.

I have always been generally curious about life. I love to travel the world.

What advice would you give people considering a move to IL?

There is a lot of security in living in Independent Living. Here it is very safe, you can walk freely and you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home. You also need to understand the financial situation.

What did you find valuable in Ideal Move’s move management services?

Having one package from beginning to end, and the team was courteous and professional.

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