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A major lifestyle move is stressful, particularly as we age

Making a major lifestyle move is stressful at any age, but particularly as we grow older. For those who have lived in the same home for many years, getting rid of things that have accumulated over decades can be a significant challenge. Sometimes it may be hard to get rid of things even if you know intellectually that you won’t need them. If you are finding it difficult to part with your items, or you are overwhelmed by the whole process, consult a senior move manager to help you gain clarity on the situation.
A senior move manager provides hands-on help and resources to help with the physical and emotional demands of moving later in life. Senior move managers specialize in the issues that come with downsizing. A senior move manager can also step in when adult children don’t live near their parents or don’t have time to sort through a lifetime of belongings. 

Set Modest Goals 

Start small: a room, a closet, a shelf, a drawer, or a part of the basement. Begin in the areas of the house that you are currently not using. Start the sorting and clearing process in these rooms, because it will be least disruptive to your everyday life.

Create a Floor Plan for Your New Home 

Most likely you will need to scale down the number of belongings you take to your new home. You will need to compare the size of your new home with your current home and visualize where your possessions will go. If space forces you to choose between some loved items, the decision will be easier for you to see with a floor plan on paper. A Senior Move Manager can provide you with space planning to help you visualize what your new home will look like. Remember to make space for the things you love!

Begin Step-by-Step 

For many people, starting the sorting and decision-making process is a daunting process. Make sure you approach it step-by-step, pile-by-pile until the job is finished. Start working in a specific room in your house or even a specific area of a room like a closet or a drawer. Begin somewhere, but begin.

Ask the Tough Questions 

It’s easier to get rid of belongings from rooms that are mostly used for storage, such as an attic or basement. There is less sentimental attachment to items that are simply being stored rather than used. Be realistic.
  • When was the last time I used this?
  • If I do use it, how often and why? What purpose does it serve?
  • Is the item in good shape and easy to care for?
  • Can I get by without it? Do I own another item that can serve the same purpose as this one?
  • Is this item something I love? Does it have sentimental value? Could someone else benefit more from its use?

Organize into Categories 

Decide what is still truly important for you to keep and what you are ready to let someone else enjoy. Create a sorting system before you begin.
  • Household items to keep
  • Items to give to family and friends
  • Items to sell
  • Stuff to donate to a favorite charity
  • Broken items and stuff to toss
  • Items for storage
  • Things for the “maybe” pile—things I can’t decide about now and I need more time to think about
A senior move manager guides clients through a journey that is often as much about sorting through a lifetime of memories as it is about possessions. This is an opportunity to distill life’s treasures and to create a new home that reflects a lifetime of experiences.

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