Seniors moving to a new home

Senior Moving and Senior Relocation

Moving has been polled as one of the top three most stressful events in life, sometimes rated more stressful than divorce. Why? It shouldn’t be that difficult if the mover has a truck, two men that can lift heavy furniture, and experience, right?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple, and the quality of service and risk varies significantly, with some movers never even showing up (and you chose to move the day before closing!). You also need to pack everything up head of time, transfer utilities, and unpack everything at your new home. Along the way challenges happen, such as a door not being wide enough for your living room couch.

For senior moving there are several more layers of difficulty and stress. You don’t have the strength, flexibility, and endurance you once had. You might be leaving a home of many years and memories and downsizing to a smaller space. This is the first time you are going from larger to smaller (the rest of your life you usually upgraded to a larger space). You can’t fit everything into the new space, what should you take? What will fit? Most things have a memory attached. Your children don’t want the furniture you planned on passing down – what do you do with it? And whether your children live in town or out of town, they probably can’t just take days off to help you.

Once seniors are settled in their new home, they and their families will have spent many hours preparing for their move and now they need to start unpacking. Living amongst boxes is not the best start in a new home or community. At the end of these moves everyone physically and emotionally exhausted.

These senior moves are happening every day all over the country, but the traditional moving industry does not have a good service for them –they are not built to provide such a service. That’s why Senior Move Management companies exist. Senior Move Managers take time to understand the needs and goals of their customers, they use design skills to determine what will fit best in the new home, they use their expertise to handle all the logistics for a successful move, and they provide the downsizing, packing, and unpacking assistance. They have experience working with older adults and address all the challenges of senior moves. When a family uses a Senior Move Management company the entire family’s disruption and stress should be significantly reduced.

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